Txt fanfiction tumblr. we focus on only posting quality fics On a serious note, my personal reasons for starting a side blog for KakaSaku is because of people like you you are a minor (-18), a blank blog or have no age indication on your blog I do NOT write smut, if you want a specific genre please state it on the request :> If you want a reaction I can try to make one I really wanna try making reactions :> I also do timestamps ! Online classes are on going so I might take a while to post the “ Now Miguel is the moon, wears dark colors, has a tough exterior, doesn’t smile as much, he is like the bad boy down the street But when the impact of what she’s been through takes its toll, remembering who she was will be her biggest battle ever Genre: fluff 43 notes 392 Bewitched synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed The ghosts of Lyanna, Robert and himself seem born again in Arya, this boy Gendry and his son Jon Taglist: @biaswreckingfics @thethreekims @jypeee @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @nctxtrash @ jichangkyu ateez AO3 Just call me Hawk Anonymous said: 🌙 anon here again! another caregiver fem reader with little beomgyu (age 3) request, if you may Honestly she’s very smart and could use the powers easily, but she could have also learned to use the omnitrix in her own ways (since Letting out a sigh, you let your head fall back onto the couch and stare at the ceiling Katie would become a very successful solo artist, known for her beautiful vocals and self-produced tracks gerita-txt But always he remembered the mountain smoke beneath the moon the trees like torches blazing bright 19 notes Permalink [Gifs not mine unless otherwise stated - if you want me to tag you, drop me an ask!] home ask past Masterlist Fan Videos Oneus But when their first meeting goes worse than even the most mortifying nightmares he could have dreamt of- courtesy of Merlin’s snark and Arthur’s pomposity- the only way to avoid losing his job in publishing is to be “Do it again, Y/N,” he’ll say, this time lowering himself a little so you can reach him comfortably LIST Little #1 Loki Fan Fiction wishing they could be with their favorite character ever, until one day out of nowhere said 6k words) chapter 4: sufferings of the present (2 Wrapping Up: Bae Yeosu / YB Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n feel free to include anything from dates you’d like to have to your favorite color OFC ITS GON BE THERE FOR A LONG WHILE AYE continues to srb cuz i gotta put me first i gotta put me first!! <3 srb the demon's bet lee heeseung enhypen enhypen fanfiction enhypen imagines enhypen drabbles jake sunghoon jay enhypen fluff enhypen heeseung heeseung heeseung enhypen jungwon enha jake sim enhypen angst enha heeseung nishimura riki Which is certainly not easy, which is why I wrote this Bellamy forgot the past three years of his life and his girlfriend, Gina, didn’t survive Pieces of Us - Chapters 7, 8, 9 pairing: choi beomgyu x f!reader Invisible ( A True Beauty Fanfic) Summary: YN YLN has always been third in Class 2-5, right behind Lee Su Ho and Kang Soo Jin but with both of them having left Saebom Highschool, this is her time to shine this isn’t fandom discourse or football teams, it’s a case about domestic violence involving real people 5) The place where you meet your soulmate is tattooed on your body stray kids 22 Chapters: 1 lovienikitty Niche Fanfic Content Development Lead Especially in the original series I reblog pretty “The storm is coming in fast Each individual player is released into the Chaos, presented with tests of loyalty, quests that challenge morals, and decisions that end with only two options: life or death “I thought the same about you,” Phil said, looking back Robbed of their homeland, the Dwarves of Erebor wandered the wilderness a once mighty people brought low These are my favorite Maknae line fanfictions and I hope you're finding one, which you will like to read yourself a/b/o enthusiasts pls pls pls dni) home pairing: non-idol!heeseung x female reader summary: after starting college, you never really imagined that Here you go! kassareo: the only time he would leave you would be to go to the store and get whatever sanitary products or treats you want and need Summary: Al recovers In which Namjoon meets his pen pal for the first time when she moves to South Korea completely clueless that she’s completely and irrevocably in love with him the walls are really thin and i can hear everything you’re saying could you please shut the fuck up new neighbour au Written and narrated by tenoko1 Fanfiction is not free Slowly 08 Ela/dela, 96' [Castle Summer Hiatus 2015 Ficathon Entry ~ txt masterlist ~ ☀︎︎ - fluff ☽ - angst ︎ - fav of mine all members - txt as cliche tropes ! ☀︎︎ choi yeonjun - nothing yet! choi soobin - nothing yet! choi beomgyu - nothing yet! kang taehyun - She knew what her husband was doing, the bastard, drawing out the menial matters of the meeting even further just to test her patience that much more Sherlock blinked at John, frowning in confusion also, you can dm me! rules: please include a bit about your personality, and your ideal partner he literally would not leave your side once he found out you were on your period I don’t know why and I don’t know how to solve that The ticking of the clock seemed to get louder by the minute #misc #mha #bnha #ao3 #bnha fanfic #mha fanart #bnha fanart #bnha art #digital art #ojiro mashirao #fanfic #art #mha art #mha au #mashirao ojiro #dragonborne More you might like @princeasimdiya12 since I didn’t get too far with the original fic and am rewriting the whole timeline from scratch, I’ll make a bigger post here: Trust me Masterlist Word count: 5 People like you who love to take advantage of every imperfection, real or imagined, to feed into your self-righteousness and ego This podcast is a one exciting chapter from the Supernatural novel-length fanfic Content may be NSFW cat kazscra GO ‼️ ME ‼️ look at me doing the bare minimum as a writer and publishing a teaser for a series that coulda ended months ago !!! Vampire Academy: Dimitri’s Point of View Series archive carrd 406 notes You asked coyly, turning around to face the masked vigilante TXT REACTION George thinks it’s probably from the cold The Beginning reaction to having an S/O who struggles with giving physical and verbal affection ( ️,☾) reaction to being around their crush ( ️,☾) now playing: ( ️, ★, ☾) reaction to reader using a cake to confess their love ( ️,☾) members as Hogwarts students ( ️) txt members as my cats ( ️) Loki Fan Fiction Instead he’ll just stare at you in shock, until his gaping mouth slowly forms a smile, and his eyes hold all kinds of excitement If you’re planning on writing a fanfiction, there is no obligation to write in English You blushing whenever you guys kiss (f) Them taking pics of their S/O (f) Them playing with your hair (f) S/O distancing themselves from them because they feel like a burden (a) part 2 (a) (f) Late night car drive (f) Sunday mornings with ATEEZ (f) S/O being really anxious (a) S/O falling asleep on their shoulder (f) Don’t Tease Me Read ::Taemin//Shy:: from the story The first book in the series was Book1 - Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 2 - Exile, Book 3 - Everblaze, Book 4 - Neverseen, Book 5 - Lodestar, Book 6 - Nightfall and coming soon B choi beomgyu huening kai tomorrow by together txt ao3 fanfiction beomkai archive of our own you’d been walking home from a date when it had started pouring down on you, much to both your dismay Heights - Walk The Moon “Evil” characters having depth and a “sad backstory” doesn’t have to mean the writer (s) want (s) you to think their terrible actions are okay you are gutted to go, but what happens when you meet someone there who changes your expectations around for the summer completely? send an ask to be on the taglist ! Fic Rec: Forcing Serendipity Capista em constante metamorfose Now that it was quiet, it seemed so gentle Just thinking of the fight you and Mark had tore you to pieces People can enjoy “evil” characters without excusing their terrible actions 3 - Was bored of the date Enjoy the saga we all know and love, as told by our favorite Russian guardian Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar (227k, complete) Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes Rating: Explicit They/she rss Jun 8th, 2020 We’d love to have you participate in our survey! We’re looking for fanfiction readers and authors aged 18 and above (where Harry is indeed an asshole but it brought our Peter and Wade together in a cute diner, they’re dorks and I’m devastated ILLICIT AFFAIRS Harry Potter shitposts and general chaos synopsis: your best friend might be a little slow sometimes, but he would fly to the moon and back just to put a smile on your face the best friend code | han jisung fic ‼ series masterlist So much pain, so much hurt, so much sufferingall caused by him #hiiii <3 [posts this and disappears for several more months probably] #pkmn #genshin impact #txt Body Knows Best by heystrippah - Klaus Mikaelson is a Wall Street highflier and an unapologetic hedonist The Emperor rises, the Fool falls and the Wheel of Fortune spins @yunyunatz thank you!!! im also excited! txt fanfiction txt fanfic txt yeonjun yeonjun x reader BY THE CAMPFIRE — INFO + M ” 8k words) chapter 5: evil begets good (3 Golden child special tags ;; the full list “It’s a risk,” Techno muttered, fixing his grip on the axe ** updates bi weekly ** Dimitri’s training prepared him to be a Guardian dahyun, trouble, jeongyeon i walk in on you correcting people’s misspelled bathroom graffiti au Castle Fanfiction I’ll just cut to the chase: The Half-World is moving again 1633872198 Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Trope: Christmas :D (lost her body except for the head after an accident while working along with Penelope with machinery) Oppaxwang - Portifólio Summary: Choi Yeonjun, a 999-year-old Gumiho, must fill his fox bead with human energy before turning 1,000 years old in order to become a human Minho knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to wear pants Yeosu would use her platform as a member of BTS and a solo artist to raise awareness for mental health as well as aid her labelmate Kiryoung and her wife Somi in their fight for LGBT rights in South Korea Cover art by @vafanartbytimi Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger choi yeonjun x kang taehyun (txt) SYNOPSIS: famous actor, yeonjun, just started dating taehyun a few months ago; and now he has to choose between staying or risking his fairly new relationship by accepting an offer that requires him to stay in london But Klaus and his hybrid army are searching for her to reconcile you can send in an anon ask, or a public one “Y/N, you shouldn’t be training if you’re sick Writers put in crazy hours and effort into every post - plots, outlines, characterisation, editing, everything Feel free to share your creations in any language you want! There is enough translation tools on the web for us to use if we don’t understand your mother tongue 1644524356 botgal You knew Soobin didn’t mean any harm but his words hurt still hurt you, everyone had been telling you that Warnings: Afab!reader (female reader) dom!reader, sub!minho, brat taming, brat!minho, jealous!reader (its all consensual and never goes too far) penetrative sex (female receiving) multiple orgasms, overstimulation (male receiving) blowjobs, unprotective sex Permalink Genre: Fantasy, AU #txt yeonjun #choi yeonjun #tomorrow x together #yeonjun x reader #txt angst #yeonjun angst #txt drabbles #yeonjun imagines #yeonjun drabbles #yeonjun #yeonjun ff #yeonjun fanfic #yeonjun fic #just a little something i started working on a bit ago and decided to keep it small and short #trying to slowly get back writing Hang the Moon and the Stars characters: loner bad boy!yeonjun, heartthrob!soobin, best friend!beomgyu, female oc (can be read as f!reader too) + a few supporting characters #txt yeonjun #choi yeonjun #tomorrow x together #yeonjun x reader #txt angst #yeonjun angst #txt drabbles #yeonjun imagines #yeonjun drabbles #yeonjun #yeonjun ff #yeonjun fanfic #yeonjun fic #just a little something i started working on a bit ago and decided to keep it small and short #trying to slowly get back writing TXT MASTERLIST HERE ☆UPDATED 08/19/2020 // Recent: Cold (Mark) ☾: means suggestive ☆Timestamps ☆Series A lot has happened in these last months If there's an eternal love, then you're that person The young Dwarf prince took work where he could find it laboring in the villages of Men Txt reaction to you meeting up with your male friend txt tomorrow x together txt masterlist txt fic recs txt oneshots txt drabbles txt fluff txt angst txt imagines txt scenarios it's always been easier that way, but rules have always been meant to be broken Your Light [1 Open in app cat #txt x Marcus reveals something, Felix is hiding something (not that well) and everyone wants to help Bella you write incest/stepcest, and/or rape hi! this blog is purely dedicated to recommending quality larry stylinson fanfiction @acosmis-t A Morning Dedication by titanium22 (In-Progress) Santana and Brittany haven’t seen each other in five years org it always ends in a fight All of writer Stayblr will tell you this, but smut Stayblr has it the worst it was a long day today A blog dedicated to fan fiction about Loki He’ll die out here if we leave him mcnd sorry cuties 💘 Two years and a half ago, Bellamy had a car accident tabacoychanel Word Count: 2k Fanfic Rec #133 7k words txt Start the year off with a bang, they said Right ok so I make subliminals on YouTube right, I’m relatively small, only 751 subs, (Mirai’s Dreams, although I will be changing the name soon) and this other big creator literally accused me of copying benefits from their subliminal Zoom She is a cyborg and she works for Ludwig as well Author: TragicLove We are researchers at the University of Washington Human-Centered Data Science Lab, studying questions of monetary compensation for fanfiction authors and readers yeonbin txt fanfic txt ships literally this fic is a heap of angst and despair im sad and gay don’t judge pls moodboard kpop fanfic kpop moodboard txt tomorrow x A/N: It’s been quite a while, huh Photo 3 Notes Silent alarm just got you caught And because of that, they are considered “neutral John tensed Warrning Swiping across the bottom of your screen you brought your phone up to your ear TXT 2021 is available on Conline! Note that you won’t be able to see details unless you’re registered discussion 488 notes regrettababy, an adult M eet Cute - F If you ever have any ideas for fanfictions, whether they are for a specific fandom or just ideas in general, submit them here to let other people have the chance of writing them! yoongles he will not let you leave his sight, and you’re okay with that because you want nothing but where monsters hide | txt just thinking about how cool it would be to have a head canon or fanfic where y/n is on their bedroom watching a bnha episode just wishing they could be there, in that great universe instead of the shitty one they live in I’ll say it : you guys are here just for the fucks ===== 💜 My inbox is always open so send in any requests or anything else you may have 💜 The latest Tweets from Fanfiction_txt (@fanfiction_txt) 4 - Became tired after staring at your sleeping figure for too long Outlander / Jamie x Claire fanfiction Bisexual and Genderfluid requests are ;; open 99 notes scenario prompt: While shopping, character A gets distracted and loses track of where B Keonhee: Much like Seoho he’ll be surprised the first time you do it with him, but he won’t move away A creator of worlds and dimensions that people escape into; a creator of temporary emotions, peace, hope, happiness, and contentment—so why is he sitting in the far corner of his room hosting a pity party for himself? (Or, Poe had a bad day and Ranpo sweeps him off his Just a heads up my loves ️ John tucked his hand under his armpits ~In-Progress 5k+ ♡ genre: generally fluff, angst, crack/humor, social media au, college band!txt au, lowkey slow burn (?), will add more ♡ others: lower case intended, cameo of other kpop artists, unhealthy amount of bts/txt memes, swearing, mentions of emotional struggles, hint of threats/bullying (but used jokingly/lighthearted), will add more It’s the kind of fic that makes you want to cry and hug something) Thirst by pinkmonnie [ Jikook ] - Angst, Happy Ending, Friends to Lovers, Implied Sexual Content Ask-LU-Wild Started out as a fanfiction of Linked Universe by Jojo, but the story and characters are vastly different Hi Tumblr! Transmasc enby seeking some help! For those of you who don’t yet know me, I’m Tarot copy link home You can find out when the maintenance is scheduled for in your local time here “Edgar Allan Poe, a widely known writer in the United States '12 All of my works can be found on my AO3 profile I only make TXT (and Enhypen if I’m in the mood) imagines, reactions, scenarios, oneshots, games, etc except story that has more than 2 parts on tumblr 🙂 4) One of your eyes is the same color as your soulmate’s isa’s tag list 2 text text post txt txt post Harry Potter notes explore “Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human Images based on fanfiction lines posted at @fanfiction_txt (images pulled from google image search) Namjoon meets a cute clumsy girl at the movies m/n’s eyes widened as he tried his best to get his hand out of Gojo’s grip, fear slowly creeped up his spine swirling through his mind as they got closer to the salmon haired boy See more posts like this on Tumblr after years of turmoil coils always brags to other serpentine about her epic cool gf and they always tell her to shut up so she punches them and continues MASTERLIST I haven’t had any orders at all yet which is really disheartening au not famous, football coach dream, single dad George, strangers to friends to lovers, tooth rotting fluff, falling in love, kid fic, light angst, family fluff, oneshot 12 Txt when they want your attention it’s been so long since my i’ve written and i don’t want to tag old blogs (pease do not follow this bog if you are under 18 It wasn’t planned, wasn’t a date, but when he’d shown up looking striking in his suit and with his arm empty, she’d gravitated to him like she always did, her whole body orienting toward him as if he was her shining beacon in a dark, starless night Bellamy is convinced they knew each other before, and he’s going to find out why everyone, including her, is trying to keep Summary: You and Doyoung had the best summer you could Length: 32 Chapters (plus an epilogue) Status: Completed Our community consists of students, PhD students and employees from many former Soviet republics TXT MASTERLIST ot5 csb cyj assembly: required (avengers au) cbg kth hk [09:42am] TXT REACTION just saw someone use the term “anti-johnnys” about people who don’t support johnny depp, and I feel like that sums up how weird people are about this case online 4k words) this is a new blog dedicated to writing scenarios, blurbs, short stories, chaptered stories, mtl, reactions, aus etc all related to TXT !!!! i write all genres,, however nsfw is definitely ONLY limited to legal line!!!!!! no nasty nasty here I love fanfiction (if you couldn’t tell by the amount I’ve written for it, or if you’re new to finding me), and will probably be writing it for the rest of my life my txt dnf fic rec dnf fics dnf smut dnf fluff dreamnotfound georgenotfound fanfic dreamwastaken fanfic fanfic masterlist this links to all my rec posts I’ll be updating it soon Summary: Ned has a dream of ghosts reaction to having an S/O who struggles with giving physical and verbal affection ( ️,☾) reaction to being around their crush ( ️,☾) now playing: ( ️, ★, ☾) reaction to reader using a cake to confess their love ( ️,☾) members as Hogwarts students ( ️) txt members as my cats ( ️) A new dawn for Bella by Lorelei Candice Black NCT/wayv He answered, amused tone of voice irritating you Humans are forbidden to be involved in this warfare since txt is coming back soon and announced a world tour, figured i’d come on here and check in on you all!! love you guys so much i hope everyone is well <3 6 notes Apr 27th, 2022 Open in app txt reaction to their s/o having period cramps-SOOBIN fanfiction fanfic site fanfiction site fanfic fanfiction online fanfiction anons ;; 🦋 anon,🕊 anon I get that we have similar concepts but Jesus ︎ where George is a single dad, and dream is his daughters football coach first kiss (txt choi line) soobin The date stamp is 1997 and it’s a text file Allows him to get a good, long look Luckily you regained consciousness quickly leans on your shoulder, holds your hand, slings his arm around you, puts his hand on your waist, etc R A T E D : M altas ⋆ ៹ ☄️ May 24th, 2021 John bit his lip, feeling the tiny sprouts of hope in his chest withering away :D (lost her body except for the head after an accident while working along with Penelope with machinery) #mha #bnha #ao3 #bnha fanfic #mha fanart #bnha fanart #bnha art #digital art #ojiro mashirao #fanfic #art #mha art #mha au #mashirao ojiro #dragonborne More you might like @princeasimdiya12 since I didn’t get too far with the original fic and am rewriting the whole timeline from scratch, I’ll make a bigger post here: The Sakura Vessel||Jujutsu Kaisen x Male!Reader p2 It’ll be fun, they said May 13th, 2021 Ongoing Fanfic Recs I’m not taking any requests or prompts at this time for fanfiction art history class aka the guy to my right just reads fanfiction on his phone the entire time The familiar power that comes with controlling Golden Freddy surges through her veins, egging her on as she stalks forward, leaning across the desk “Hey, baby what ya doing I’m a playwright, novelist, and fanfic writer for the Harry Potter and Star Wars fandom stories on here too Tears started flowing from your eyes, “I’ve come so far if I fall behind now I might miss my chance Our Ukrainian friends, we understand your suffering, we join in indignation and protest against the aggression of the Russian regime, we declare all possible help When my heart forgets your old distant tune, your flames come alive copy See a recent post on Tumblr from @tomorrowbymoa-together about txt-imagines superorganism: why not a chainsaw woman Wish me luck 🏻 txt tomorrow x together soobin kpop txt wallpaper moa kpop wallpaper txt icons wallpaper hobi core edit Why he falls asleep (Last digit of time) 0 - Had so much schedule that he didn’t sleep the night before #txt 6k warnings: suggestive remarks synopsis: you and your best friend have a set of rules you follow to maintain your boundary of friendship the characters in metal lords you like lolis you are homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist or a terf CIX (Admin comments in brackets) The ticking of the clock seemed to get louder by the minute skrimblo,,,my beloved { 21 ♀she/her } Will Graham kinnie ( unfortunately ) { I like to make funny little hannibal edits and sometimes write fan-fiction ! } 🔪🌲🦌 the characters in metal lords the people there call themselfves “the haven,” although, as time goes on, the boys learn that they are far from being a safe place Hospital Playlist; Based on the Kdrama Hospital Playlist and starring Mark+Dreamies 00 line; Nakamoto Yuta you looked so cute and fragile 156849 mb 22 Apr 2:06 As of 14 April 2022, despite the name of the blog staying the same, its association with Linked Universe is distant One Slytherins blog of horrid fanfic ideas shes to lazy to write Txt masterlist:Reactions:Their girlfriend having bad period cramps Getting jealous over your guy friend Their crush holding their hand Soobin:My prince Making out with Soobin Yeonjun:Making out with funny story but currently we have a 150k+ army of russians all over the ukrainian borders, as well as an ongoing shelling from uncontrolled territories that has been averaging more than 1000 strikes daily It has been written as well as narrated to take you deeper into the story, and will leave you wanting the next chapter immediately! Defy Any And All Expectation has the Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric Dec 12th, 2020 In case you wonder about the characters, they are Penelope (she works for Ludwig) and Yelena Avramov (the Hystrix) But when he accidentally costs Caroline her job, he offers her a solution hyungieyoongi 1 - Was so nervous about meeting you that he couldn’t sleep The Archive has 202 registered users, 3077 fanfics, and has had 1,173,172 site views But they are really like the sun and moon, the sun lights up your day and makes the day exciting, then when the sun comes down the moon comes up and conforts you in your darkest times (via thaysquint) i hit you in the balls in a paintball match i’m so sorry oh my god au Remember Me is a fic I chose to read based solely on summary alone, which can of course sometimes be a bad idea because the fic can be horrible U b i q u i t o u s Clearing the Air (txt svt brainrot - asks open with the initial plans of staying at home for the summer, your mother puts you down for a summer camp unexpectedly I’m a newly out transmasc queer enby, and I’m working on my transition slowly but surely Follows episode 4x11, “Till Death Do Us Part You can also see the schedule as a Google Sheets spreadsheet and as a list on our website story prompt fanfic fanfic prompt fanfiction fanfiction prompt trope: soulmates prompt list Read the fic tags before starting reading the fic; Submit your fanfiction ideas here! This blog has been up and running for quite sometime now and it’s gotten next to nothing submitted in Patience wasn’t one of her strong suits Word Count: 5 you are a dsmp fan ≻───────── ⋆ ⋆ ──────────≺ his members knew this, his fans knew this, you knew this 19 notes I love fanfiction (if you couldn’t tell by the amount I’ve written for it, or if you’re new to finding me), and will probably be writing it for the rest of my life A guy who doesn’t even know she existed In case if you’re confused, I didn’t add my whole fanfic story on tumblr they’re completely adorable and they have a heart of gold, but they’re also easily distracted and have the attention span of a hummingbird Discover more posts about txt-x-reader It has for four-thousand years: but it was only ever supposed to be temporary Jan 16th, 2021 My Klaroline Fanfiction on this blog you'll be able to find everything from grade a smut to heart melting fluff I think that’s the basics In his 18 years, he had never felt the amount of stress being put into a debut group immediately after joining an agency puts on you Her Happiness Discover more posts about txt fanfic, txt scenarios, txt angst, beomgyu x reader, soobin x reader, txt reactions, and txt x reader genre: college!au, bad boy!au, slow burn, angst, drama, strangers to lovers, smut 4 notes txt as summer things •definitely a man who can adapt in situations once he gets comfortable “ "There you are!” Thank you so much to everyone that has followed me n supported my post! I hope my editing has gotten better I hope you guys like my wallpapers!! Here’s our soobin💗 Dec 15th, 2021 Now that I’m back, I’m trying to take one step at a time back in my old life is quite quick to realize that he had developed a crush, and is also quick to catch on to the fact that you also have feelings for him Kai definitely knows something, and from what Taehyun could see, he figured it’s not something that he would be to eager to hear WARNING/S: cursing (are we Keep reading But if someone wants to message me and become friends then you can follow me on my insta! (It’s not my private Instagram account but the account where I post BTS imagines (i know they’re not good but I tried hahahah)) Instagram: bts_imaginess Txt reaction to you getting a photocard (pc) that’s not them Instead of standing up to Edward in Forks when Bella gets pregnant, Rosalie and Emmett rescue her and take her to Italy That is until Han Seosangnim asks her to tutor Han Seo Jun With that conclusion in mind, he continued eating what’s left of his lunch for him to finish, leaving Kai with no response Jun In this year’s Chaos Championship, spectators around the These quick-moving, clever warriors fight until one side surrenders Lee Heeseung Hold Me Tight 11 notes i don’t know who needs to hear this but fic doesn’t need to follow canon lmao it doesn’t need to keep the same characters dead, it doesn’t need to keep the same characters alive, it doesn’t need to set at the current point in the timeline, it doesn’t need only include current characters and relationships, it absolutely doesn’t need to satisfy some stranger on the internet’s Tweet The Official Fifth Harmony Fan Fiction Tumblr #jinx choi yeonjun tomorrow x tomorrow choi beomgyu kpop angst beomgyu hueningkai txt yeonjun yeonjun choi soobin shifting txt shifting shiftingforyeonjun shifter shiftblr shifting kpop Would snatch the pc from your hands ; Doesnt even give you a chance to look at it Our Ukrainian friends, we understand your suffering, we join in indignation and protest against the aggression of the Russian regime, we declare all possible help Katie and Jaehyun would get married in their early thirties reagardless of fan backlash pairing: bad boy!yeonjun x good girl!oc about Anonymous asked: Hey! I’m trying to find a fanfic I only make TXT (and Enhypen if I’m in the mood) imagines, reactions, scenarios, oneshots, games, etc except story that has more than 2 parts on tumblr 🙂 It’s an outlet for me to express my thoughts, feelings, a form of rudimentary therapy ↣ I write fanfiction for Stray Kids (ults) but listen to a range of groups/artists - ateez, monsta x, nct, enhypen, txt, bts, ikon, got7, shinee, exo, taemin, wonho, mamamoo, aespa, twice, everglow, itzy ↣ I produce original works ↣ Links to my #estehtarik #art tag #2p his wings keep fluttering restlessly, resulting in small gusts of air blowing papers out of the way, his brow keeps twitching whenever someone tries to speak to him, and his lips are in a permanent down curve Luckily for me this was not the case at all Once you were close enough, he brought his other hand up, brushing stray hairs actors thiam aesthetic thiam is endgame teen wolf werewolf werewolves fanfiction book cover theo raeken theo raekan imagine liam dunbar photography gaylife bxb content: some pining, fluff, college!au, best friends to lovers (?), yes i will keep writing the same genres bc it's all i can do Discover more posts about txt-imagines txt (07 Dec 21 @ 11:05AM) CHAPTER 5 — couple pics ?? a/n: shorter chapter : [ and sawry yura 😊😊 also im writing an angst fic in celebration of 100 followers so if you want to, please fill up this form and choose the member you would like to see !! ←[ 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐳 ] [ 𝐰𝐢𝐩𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ]→! ; what you need to know before interacting with me or requesting something from me if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask us! enjoy browsing! navigation TXT REACTION: to you sitting on their lap I write, (usually erotica and usually fanfiction, though I can turn my hand to anything,) and I dig tabletop gaming too fromthevault CONTENT WARNING: Ask-LU-Wild contains scenes that are highly graphic in the blood, gore, and body horror sense 11am // 0 notes See a recent post on Tumblr from @z99jsprk about txt x reader txt reaction to their s/o having period cramps-SOOBIN p1harmony The Choices Fanfic Archive has been open for two years now! It was an idea to have a place to share fics outside of Tumnlr, to have a permanent collection of all the great fics in this fandom and in the past two years it has flourished It surrounds them 26k] Non-idol AU: When you’re in trouble, your light never fails to come save you In alphabetical order, we picked: Keep reading Peaceful online you basically followed him around all over the place, from his promotion show and afterwards to his studio at his company building Originally, this was supposed to be longer, but I realized that you can't have more than We’ll be doing some server maintenance for 10 minutes from 10:00 AM to 10:10 AM on Sunday, January 17, 2021 UTC 25 message Unfinished sketch for my Sly Cooper fanfiction We’re interested in hearing from anyone who has either But when I saw that my ‘crush’ was a pianist I just had to join a music class to get closer F͙A͙K͙E͙ T͙E͙X͙T͙S͙ Daily texts with yeonjun The boys trick beomgyu into confessing French Girl - F, suggestive yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona A LONG CAR JOURNEY Previous Part But tensions rise when she gets caught under enchanted mistletoe with Ron You meet Mark at a time when Doyoung is making you feel like you’re single submit Time Stamps Masterlist - F, (eventual)S, A you jog shirtless past my house every morning au Olá bem vinde ao meu portfólio We’re excited to announce that the schedule of panels and activities for CON Summary: Jon and Arya go on a road trip thefairmaidenoffandom crazy in love The happy-go-lucky mood maker of the group experienced his first slip into little space as a trainee Remember all those memories we shared, grow a garden with my last fire shining through The time was something unknown to you, due to Han’s face filling up the entire screen Sangyeon gently tugged you toward him, his fingers still wrapped around your wrist, his expression assessing hawks has been irritable, that’s one way to see it Jun 22nd, 2020 “It’s just a boy,” Phil said quietly lovers?? because when are you both NOT together I’ve posted other text files but they were all 1998 It was mystery why you and Beomgyu would always argue at the most simplest things ever to exist This might be a good Fluffy Friday prompt: That staircase in the loft is so not kid-safe Techno looked the child over again The recent kerfuffle over Tumblr’s decision to ban NSFW content and the mass exodus from this site that’s been happening since is part of it (though this blog doesn’t post NSFW images and would of course be unaffected by the ban, Tumblr’s looking more and more like it might go belly-up), but I probably would have done this When her new job turns into a game of life or death, Kate must fight to become the victor and make it back home to Castle other mcyt fans are fine I’m Lovesbitca8, AKA Julie, AKA Juls Beth expect a day full of clingy soobin Work for him instead A/N: I hope you like Chapter 1 of Wake Me Up! This is my first social media AU, so hopefully it's not too bad slaying absolute autism my dudes Smut org_248 Summary: Hermione brings her new boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, to his first Weasley family Christmas 4k This prompted the brunet to catch Taehyun’s interest even more S T A T U S : Complete Known for his skill in the field, fate leads him to an unexpected position navigation third_crow Looking for a fanfic 0 But by the time you turned eighteen, things started to change completely file) by SwordQueen You first met Choi Beomgyu when your brother, Taehyun befriended the boy back at middle school Incidentally this is I think the oldest fanfic I’ve ever posted here Word count: 463 As BTS began the descent from their rise to fame, Yeosu would pursue a solo career A writing network Txt reaction to accidently hitting you Pairing: Kai Huening X Reader Genre: School!au Word Count: 899 Summary: I didn’t want anything to do with music “Who says I got caught?” Facebook Spicey 👀 ) Have Your Cake or Eat It by Vixen13 HELPLINE —kang taehyun ☆゚ MEETING YOU IS LIKE A MIRACLE (recent works) As Delicate As Cherry Blossoms And Snowflakes (1), (2) [ 16:54 PM] The Right Person It’s time to try Tumblr he wouldn’t waste anymore time and wrap his arms around you, developing you into his warmth which never surprised to relax you In a world controlled in the interest of crime reduction, Chaos is the game of the players, for the players Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive 106 notes Nov 30, 2021 his ideal type is just a sweet, confused lil baby 3k words) chapter 3: o come, all ye faithful (5 tumblr is simple You smirked, pressing on the voice modulator placed in the underside of your jaw, just below your ear #fiveya #fiveya fanfic #fic rec The lights in the office flicker 19 notes #TravelTuesday is trending and no one realises they can pick up a book and travel where ever they want One day, he meets a certain blond girl index message archive Fanfiction Then in the 2nd book Lauren is an aspiring rock star with a band and Camila becomes a writer s 💘 rivals?? Author: smilebear24 Excerpt “Why, Doctor!” Garak declared softly Lauren and camila start as roommates and slowly grow feelings for each other It’s just some preview so you can read the rest of my story on wattpad I believe there is like 3 books on it Story by Gigi256 The words rip themselves out of a tight little box in John’s heart labeled, “Do Not Touch “Me, because I just caught you here’s a list of wips im working on/have at least started outlines/some of the actual fic for: Keep reading Hello! Masterlist Requests for Ships:Open,but probably a little slow for a while Scenarios: Open Life ships: Open and preferred Rules A LONG CAR JOURNEY prisonhannibal I bet Rick goes on a remodeling spree when Kate gets pregnant, and he puts in a slide as an alternate route to the stairs Hello, Tumblr! I’m finally getting around to creating a masterpost Fanfiction Recs 20 #rb + Genre: Extremely fluffy fluff about Yoongi holding your hand they/them (except when it's circumstantiably funnier to gander me) “I did it for you, Sherlock!” friends?? because you have the same interests literally adopting each others habits now smh But Camila is dating Austin She hides in a college where she meets Lexi and some other guy MASTERLIST Hi everyone! I am still looking to be commissioned to write some fanfiction txtniipped: okayau 8k words) chapter 2: book of revelations (3 tozette 08/01/15 ♥ 242 via coils always brags to other serpentine about her epic cool gf and they always tell her to shut up so she punches them and continues fanfiction was such a good idea "This is an unexpected surprise Real quotes from fanfictions and reviews {Jamie x Claire fanfiction on ao3} Posted on August 25th 2021 ─ 8 months ago hi everyone! my name is yeliza, i’m ukrainian, living in kyiv pairing: soobin x gn!reader Apr 19th, 2020 I love, LOVE writing as a general field, and do plan to become a published author in my adult life, alongside owning a bookstore he takes it slow though, doesn’t want to rush into a relationship makanpantat: fucj Though the markings on the male had long ago disappeared m/n could still sense the dangerous energy around the G E N R E : Angst/Romance kate When y/n decided to sign up for a partner dance for her end of the year competition with her dance team, little did she know she’d be paired up with the one person she couldn’t stand most they work really hard on the things they are passionate about and care so much for the important people in their life, but they get Naughty List by @arabellatheauthor Sure, we do it because we want to, but our enthusiasm cannot be one sided He’s on the verge of giving up since his fox bead never turns blue, no matter how hard he tries you took on the decision of seeing how the life of your boyfriend, as an idol, really was and it’s safe to say, it’s very hectic It drives the story forward and makes for a great listen Please help me out! commissions fanfiction commissions fanfic it’s quite depressing to see him like this, the complete opposite of It Seems my Lonely Days are Through - five_x_vanya (markling_jin) - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own] >> Now that he’s hundreds of miles away in college, you have to go through senior year alone Currently at Chapter 3 Monday, January 25 486 Defines them Txt reaction to you acting like an idiot 7 August 2021 reblogged from April 27th Onewe when he felt you tightly holding unto his arm he would try his best not to let a chuckle escape his lips like put those guys in situations *・。゚ the longer the better! also, let me know some of your favorite tropes as well as anything you’d like me to steer content: fluff !!! cuddling !! Welcome to buddiefanfiction, an organized resource for all of your favorite Buck x Eddie works as well as other creations such as fanart and gifsets by the talented members of this fandom i’m always open to chat, whether it be discussing global warming, venting about life struggles, or just screaming and crying about jikookao3recs soobin hated the rain S U M M A R Y : POWER multi-kpop-fanfics I post jikook fanfics that I have read :) you can ask me for recs / lost fics Summary:Merlin has been head over heels for his boss, a man he’s never actually spoken too A/n: havent posted in a reallyyyyy long time but i randomly thought of this and wanted to write it ===== That’s not me :(Yeonjun feel free to add yourself, even if you’re from my old one! Google Docs i have EVERYTHING planned out for a yeonjun enemies to lovers fic but idk how to start i know how to write the middle and the conclusion, but not the beginning brb throwing myself off a cliff Pairings: Taylor/Zac, Taylor/Natalie, Zac/Kate, Zac/OMC how does one wrap their heads around a crush on your really good friend?? like what the fuck are you guys?? enemies?? bc you fight like them Turning your head towards the bedroom door, you were aware that your boyfriend of three years was sleeping in there, peacefully series ; dark fantasy + cult mystery! au Chapters: 1/1 CON turn soft and lovely any time you have a chance Summary With nothin’ between your skin and my handsI want you to take me as high as you can TXT 2021 Schedule (alt verse Peter takes place of missing Peter’s place until he comes back but shit happens) “Well, Harry is an asshole” by Winterchildboobear JoannaBaratheon Word count: 1k Keep an eye out for features such as daily fic recs and Wednesday You wonder how it got to this point Gwen getting the omnitrix and learning how to use the powers Txt reaction to you making them kill a spider choi soobin Although Loki was always viewed as second #free! #rin matsuoka #matsuoka rin #free! iwatobi swim club #free! fanfiction #free! imagines #rin x reader #rin matsuoka x reader #hana writes #myposts #also baby rin is adorable #so i had to do this lol More you might like txt as summer things Klaus builds his hybrid army and forgets Caroline’s birthday and she leaves him If you are interesting in reality shifting, follow my shifting account! @shiftingforyeonjun !! I’ll share my journey with shifting and share tips and tricks! 💗 ﭢ ° Light your flames, build a fire that’ll overtake the ice and dry my fallen tears Jude ground her teeth together 21 // 1 A place to celebrate and share Castle Fanfiction As they aged they were watched closely by the public, because one of them would, at some point, ascend to the throne as king acosmis-t s u m m a r y ; when five young boys are forced to leave the enchanted woods they call home, they find themselves seeking refuge in a nearby society Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Caroline Forbes is a personal assistant with zero patience for his type GENRE: social media au, angst/fluff, actor x non-actor, short Word Count: ~ 500 (drabble) A/N: I just want Yoongi to hold my hand okay so I wrote this because I am deep in my feels for him and needed a little something to make my heart warm 2 - Had to run from home to the place where you met up So Length: 1 Chapter (not complete) Description: For centuriesThe battle between the hidden good and evil occurs every 10 years They would remain together for many years privately before announcing their relationship in 2022 Instead of the garter, Castle finds Beckett wearing her thigh holster, and inside stored a positive pregnancy test to surprise him You are always welcome to ask for a lost fic or a list of fics that fit a certain trope honestly how could you not Honestly the idea of Ben and Gwen having swapped powers and Ben being an Anodite is fascinating to me To know more follow check @Leafenclaw ‘s profile on twitter You can find my info here txt (07 Dec 21 @ 11:05AM) CHAPTER 5 — couple pics ?? a/n: shorter chapter : [ and sawry yura 😊😊 also im writing an angst fic in celebration of 100 followers so if you want to, please fill up this form and choose the member you would like to see !! Genre: Angst/Drama People can feel sorry for “evil” characters without excusing their terrible actions Not affiliated with FFN Hi, I am looking for a fanfic, where klaroline got together and then travel the world Authors Note: I love Seo Jun and just Originally posted by kpop---scenarios Tumblr more fun facts - we are currently in a state of emergency, and it’s of high probability that russians will start sf9 Hi, I'm Lily imagines reactions football imagine headcanon football marcus rashford imagine marcus rashford manchester united boyfriend imagine boyfriend reactions Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works — archiveofourown Hello! This will be a fancfiction reblog center focusing on a variety of fandoms :) Currently I'm obsessed with Young Justice so that will be a lot of the reblogs but I plan on putting Marvel, Supernatural, Percy Jackson, etc They haven’t even heard each other’s voice walk the moon chapter 1: many a sainted man (4 OVERALL: •very understanding of you 1628355399 larry fanfics ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ what’s wrong with you Before long, Loki and Thor were growing from babies into boys, and from boys into men #worldwidecupcake #gerita #gerita fanfiction #amor aeternus Jacob and Charlie end up in Volterra too I log on While Santana meets and falls for an easy-going Brittany, Quinn is investigating on the case of Prince Charming – a serial killer looming the streets of New York 10 October 2021 pairing: reader x han jisung | bestfriends to lovers genre: fluff, non idol au word count: 1 i thoroughly enjoyed that movie metal lords bea People who love to point at others and revel in their supposed moral superiority, using words such as he would get soft and his mind would be all “AHDHJSJDHAJ 💗💞💘💘 Suprise still, you couldn’t hide your laughter as you watched him trudge through the halls of your apartment complex Unwillingly stretching your body down to the floor you faced your phone toward you, squinting your eyes to focus on the screen

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